Who Signed The Buganda Agreement

I have now agreed with representatives of Buganda Lukiko on a new draft Buganda agreement that would complement and, if necessary, amend the 1900 agreement. (5) For the purposes of this article, the term “African” has the meaning that is changed from time to time by the interpretive regulation and the general regulation on the provisions of the Ugandan protectorate, or a regulation that replaces this regulation. 14. (I) Any person wishing to stand for election as a member of the Electoral College submits to the head of saza, no later than one day set for this purpose by the Ca├»tiro, a request which he himself signed in Form “A” attached to these regulations. The Muluka chief of Muluka, where a person who wants to run as a candidate lives, must sign as a witness. We, the undersigned, have Sir Henry Hamilton Johnston, K.C.B. Special Commissioner of Her Majesty, Commander-in-Chief and Consul General for the Ugandan Protectorate and adjacent areas, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of Lndia, on the one hand; And the regents and sub-appointed chiefs of the Kingdom of Uganda, on behalf of the Kabaka (kings) of Uganda, and the Ugandan chiefs and people, on the other, agree with the following articles concerning the government and administration of the Kingdom of Uganda. 5. The laws enacted by Her Majesty`s Government for the General Management of the Ugandan Protectorate apply in the same way to the Kingdom of Uganda, unless they conflict with the provisions of this agreement, the provisions of this agreement being a special exception for the Kingdom of Uganda. It was, of course, the calmness in Uganda and the spirit of reconciliation and common sense that showed that it has become so much easier to reach an agreement. Delegates, after hearing the Lukikos, accepted my proposal to enter into force the new provisions through an interim agreement that is expected to enter into force upon its return until Kabaka signs the main agreement in Buganda.

This interim agreement will be on the same terms as the main agreement, outside the transitional arrangements, and after approval by Lukiko will be signed by Kabaka staff representatives. Six weeks after the appointment of Buganda ministers and representatives of the Buganda Legislative Council under the new rules, I will allow Kabaka to return to Buganda, where it will sign the main agreement and hold the opening ceremonies as desired or necessary. “buganda agreement,” the Buganda agreements from 1894 to 1955 and all other agreements concluded on Her Majesty`s behalf with Kabaka, the chiefs and people of Buganda or the Kabaka government, but which do not contain buganda laws or permanent injunctions adopted under this Constitution; By establishing Uganda`s northern border as the Kafu River, the Colvile Agreement of 1894 formalized that Uganda would obtain certain areas in exchange for their support against Bunyoro. [1] Two of the “lost counties” (Buyaga and Bugangaizi) were returned to Bunyoro after the referendum on lost counties in Uganda in 1964. [7] The Buganda Agreement of 1955 was concluded on 18 October 1955 between Andrew Cohen, Governor of the Ugandan Protectorate, and Mutesa II, Kabaka de Buganda. [1] The agreement facilitated the return of Mutesa II as a constitutional monarch and put an end to the Kabaka crisis that began when Kabaka was exiled from Cohen in England in 1953. [2] It amended the old Ugandan convention of 1900. [1] The final text reflected the agreed results of the Namirembe conference.