The Importance Of Agreement On Agriculture

CGM focuses on three themes: competition policy, agriculture and services and works mainly in 16 countries with consumer groups as main partners. These partners are: IDEC, Brazil; CODEDCO, Bolivia; ADC, Chad; ODECU, Chile; CCF, Fiji; CAG, Ghana; YLKI, Indonesia; CIN, Kenya; ASCOMA, Mali; LIDECONI, Nicaragua; The Network, Pakistan; APC, Poland; SCA, Slovenia; CACPK, South Korea; UCA, Ukraine and ZACA, Zambia. Other consumer groups and NGOs will also be involved in the activities of the programme. At the WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali, Indonesia, in 2013, ministers also agreed on a range of agriculture-related issues. Agriculture`s share of Ghana`s GDP rose from 52% in the 1980s to 41% in the 1990s, while its contribution to the foreign exchange rate economy stabilized at 46%.